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Feb 25, 2005 @ 6:30pm
Astra Gallery
210 LRI Business Plaza Reposo St. Makati


Ian Quirante
Jethro Jocson
Francisco Magbanua

Is cognitive value a necessary condition for a high degree of aesthetic value? To have cognitive value they say, an artwork must not only make new insights available, but also supply us with justification for those insights: after all, knowledge requires justification.(Young's Art and Knowledge)

In short an artwork, to be worthy of the name, must contribute to knowledge?

Illustrative representation, by providing us with an experience that resembles in certain ways the experience of the represented object, can present and demonstrate the correctness of a perspective on the represented object. On the other hand, Contemporary art, while it often shies away from illustration, makes extensive use of tools such as appropriation and contextualization that allow it to probe deeply into a wide variety of topics, including those most central to our understanding of the human condition.

To sum it up, this exhibit eliminates the term non-cognitive, because whether your creation imparts new insight or just an expression of oneself, it is no doubt worthy of the name ?art?. The vision is, ?Artists undivided by behaviors!? and the object is to eradicate the notion of ?high art? or ?low art?. Help spread the good news!

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